I was born in silicon valley in the 70s. I live in San Francisco with 2 girls and a lovely wife.  I grew up in a sort of Who’s Who of silicon valley engineers not realizing until years later that these awkwardly dressed be-speckled men were literally changing the world.  My dad is a retired high energy physicist from SLAC and my mom was a nurse at Stanford.

I’ve spent nearly 14 years working in the software industry, 11 at Oracle and 2+ at Ingres.  I was a pre-med major in college and realized by about 2nd semester junior year, after 2 semesters of organic chemistry, I wasn’t going to pursue medicine.  Something inside me said doctors(at least the good ones) are born, not developed.  So….I found a new focus, software.  It was 1995.

I started in project & product management on a couple different internal products at Oracle.  With very little experience, I mostly learned on the job about software.  I moved onto managing the first Oracle Appliance(aka Raw Iron) and then finished my tenure performing a “chief-of-staff” role for an engineering group focused on serviceability of software systems at scale.

At Ingres I’m I was a product manager for partner solutions and integration.  I manage two software Appliance solutions based on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management stacks.  I also enable other ISVs to work with Ingres.

I’ve called this blog ‘Musings in the middle’ because I spend a lot of time there, operationally and figuratively.  As a Libra, I’m sort of forced by the moons to judge and listen to all sides(or the meaningful ones) before reaching a conclusion.  At work I spend a lot of time working with and planning with developers, but then an equal amount of time with sales, marketing and executives.

So here goes…..


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